Flourish is pioneering new ways to tackle mental health injustice

New thinking

What might mental health look like if it were treated as a social problem rather than a medical matter?  How might we describe and address the impacts on well-being of injustice, inequality and the abuse of power?  We are working with others to think through these big questions.  Read more about our analysis and philosophy.

A Family-Focused Philosophy

Society is rightly concerned about the rise of mental health problems in children and young people. However, its support for the parents of those children is sparse, leaving many parents to struggle on their own. In our Position Paper, we argue that struggling parents are being overlooked and that a more holistic, family-based approach should be a priority

Practical Preventative Projects

Our most disadvantaged families suffer from a complex interplay between practical life problems and psychological issues; so we have concluded that these need to be tackled together in an integrated way. We have set up a project to evaluate an integration of advocacy and counselling. Read more about the Nurturing Families Project.

Flourish is unique in how it combines mental health theory development and practice within one organisation. Just as physics has long benefitted from the interplay between theory and experiment, Flourish’s approach has the potential to accelerate how we respond effectively to western society’s mental health problems.
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