FLOURISH is rethinking and tackling the fundamental injustices that trap people in poverty and psychological distress.

Our approach

It’s hard to make sense of the mental health scene in the UK.  On the one hand we see the evidence that our epidemic of common mental health issues is caused by the social environment, poverty and stress.  But on the other hand, we still see society acting as though the problem was due to a biological problem in the brain which doctors need to “treat”.  Billions are spent on minimally effective treatments, while the toll of human misery increases.

Such an analysis is far from niche.  It is supported by academic papers and reports.  It chimes with the personal stories that counsellors and psychotherapists hear every day.

As the Welsh Government accepted recently:

Mental Health is, to a great extent, shaped by the social, economic, and physical environments in which people live. Inequalities in society are associated with a significant increased risk of mental ill health. Poverty is a key player. 

Flourish was founded to make a contribution to the change that is needed.  Our focus is on understanding better the societal causes of persistent psychological distress and how best to intervene.  Our approach has three elements:

We are a new not-for-profit organisation.  A priority for us is to connect with those individuals and organisations who share our ethos.  If you’d like to join us, connect with us, collaborate with us – please get in touch!


FLOURISH seeks to make a contribution in three main ways

Practical Projects

Practical projects, such as helping parents create more stable and nurturing home environments for their children.


Creating a community of those who like us, are focussed on preventative strategies that address environment factors, to share experiences and together help mainstream successful approaches.


Using philosophical concepts and tools to structure and make sense of psychological distress and suggest novel ways of tacking the problem and promoting well-being.

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Please get in touch if you would like to know more or get involved in some way. We’d be pleased to hear from you.

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